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Right Coast Recording is one of Central Pennsylvania's oldest professional recording studios, offering fine analog and digital recording. Established in 1990, the studio is conveniently located in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania within easy access of New York City, Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Take a  video tour with Bobby Gentilo here


fresh out of Right coast


Clair Bros. Audio Systems

Bravo Group

Vermont Public Television

Mercy Ships

Sight & Sound Theatres


Zero Restriction

US Dept. of Agriculture

Lancaster Bible College

Lebanon Valley College




Rob Thomas




Fleetwood Mac


Lionel Richie

38 Special

Live Sound

Bad Company

Billy Joel

Dixie Chicks



Steve Howe


Tina Turner

Jimmy Buffet

Annie Haslam

Martin Taylor

Kenny Rogers

Big Jack Johnson

Lenny Kravitz

Lightnin' Malcolm

Cadillac John Nolden

Naked Eye Ensemble

The Cornlickers

Kyle Morgan

The Wild Hymns

Radio Caroline


Monique Ortiz

Terry Harmonica Bean


Anthony 'Big A' Sherrod

Tino Gonzales

Diane Wilson

Vinegar Creek Constituency

Carlos Elliot 


R.L. Boyce

Mick Mars


Tracking + Overdubs / Right Coast can accommodate various projects in our large live room and two isolation booths.


Mixing + Editing / We are unique in that we specialize in, both, analog and digital audio. Whether you've been searching for a facility for all-analog mixing, wanting to stay in-the-box, or a combination of the two, Right Coast has everything you need. With two Otari™ 2-inch tape machines and the latest iteration of MOTU Digital Performer™, your options are deep.

Production / From pre-production to completed album, Right Coast is able to assist you at every step.   Our in-house producers have the experience to help you bring your musical vision to life.

Mastering / Audio post-production for physical and digital distribution. This is both an artistic and technical process. This final stage will ensure your project matches the quality and loudness of other commercially released music.

Transfers + Restoration / Two-inch tape. Quarter-inch tape. Cassette. ADAT. Vinyl. You name it, we can transfer it. And, we can recover and restore older recordings and repair defects.

Location Recording / Need high-quality sound recording of your next live event? Right Coast brings the studio to you.

Pro Audio Repair + Construction  / Right Coast offers vintage pro audio repair and restoration, as well as custom electronic design and construction. We will have you sounding better than ever.


Featured above is Carlos Elliot, our close friend from Colombia South America, joined by some very special guests (May 2018) —  and don't forget to watch the other performances below!

01: Gearshifter / December 2016

02: RL Boyce & The Cornlickers / July 2017

Dave Wilkerson

Engineer & Technical Boffin

Dave's been everywhere, done everything, for just about anyone you've ever heard of.

Bobby Gentilo

Producer & Engineer

Bobby has helped more musicians find their sound and discover their voice than you can count.

LIVE at right coast

Acoustic + Electronic System Design /

Whether you own a home studio, or large concert venue, Right Coast can help you select, design, and install the right system for you.

03: The Wild Hymns / August 2017

04: Kyle Morgan / October 2017

05: Ralph Diekemper / May 2018

06: Gene Hosey / September 2018

Our Control Room features a 32 channel Neotek Elite Series II inline console. In addition to 32 input channels, the console features 8 stereo Submix/Line Input Return Modules.  The console is capable of 80 channels in Mix mode.  Moving fader automation is Uptown Series 2000.  The console was recently re-capped and op amps upgraded to lower distortion types.  We also added direct outputs and a second line input path on all channels, accessible by the custom 800 point patch bay. The Neotek was also modified to feature high resolution 40 segment bar graph metering on all 32 input channels and 8 stereo input modules.


Our Mac Pro™ is currently running the latest release of MOTU Digital Performer™ with four MOTU HD192 converters for a total of 48 192k capable inputs and outputs. We have a wide selection of MOTU and Waves plug-ins.  Mixing in Performer is controlled by a Mackie™ Control Universal with 24 faders. In addition to our digital recording system, we offer an Otari™ MTR 90 MkIII 2” Analog 24 track recorder, with  24 channels of Dolby™ SR. 

Our Otari machine is meticulously maintained by studio co-owner and chief engineer, Dave Wilkerson.   All of the studio's recording devices are locked via a Timeline MicroLynx™ Synchronizer. A full complement of classic mic pre-amps and outboard electronics are included.

Our 42 x 35 x 16' Live Room allows ample space for full band live tracking or video production. We have two iso-booths located just off of the main room, as well as three other isolated spaces for tracking the whole group at once. Our inventory of amps and instruments are included at no additional charge.

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